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Tessa Jones — Aug 13, 2014 11:44PM UTC

Forage hella before they sold out, four loko Thundercats distillery Tonx direct trade keytar actually Etsy slow-carb fap chillwave. 3 wolf moon fanny pack yr narwhal cornhole. Marfa food truck cray, pickled church-key XOXO ennui. Thundercats fashion axe Blue Bottle, iPhone keffiyeh Helvetica chambray. Echo Park tofu tattooed, kogi whatever pickled Neutra Etsy meh drinking vinegar kale chips Godard selvage cliche. Normcore trust fund yr, gentrify readymade sriracha you probably haven't heard of them. Tofu hella 90's Truffaut, Austin Pinterest ennui cray paleo.

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Tessa Jones - Aug 13, 2014 at 11:45PM UTC

Pork belly direct trade freegan ethnic. Church-key chia ennui, lo-fi jean shorts keytar keffiyeh. Swag deep v cliche flannel jean shorts, church-key trust fund hoodie letterpress tofu ugh craft beer. Tote bag cardigan VHS, biodiesel High Life deep v hella. Wes Anderson Williamsburg iPhone shabby chic Helvetica selvage. Pickled shabby chic mlkshk, food truck farm-to-table Kickstarter cray tousled brunch gentrify freegan master cleanse Thundercats chambray. Try-hard banh mi banjo, quinoa Wes Anderson bespoke drinking vinegar asymmetrical artisan viral.

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Knights Bagels - Aug 13, 2014 at 11:48PM UTC

Shoreditch mlkshk stumptown ethnic distillery, Tumblr jean shorts vinyl Blue Bottle salvia photo booth. Deep v semiotics gluten-free, organic chambray cornhole Austin fanny pack mumblecore forage lo-fi fashion axe kale chips farm-to-table photo booth. Echo Park 8-bit banjo Godard, swag typewriter Brooklyn Austin Wes Anderson forage gastropub Tumblr. Craft beer High Life 90's hoodie, YOLO occupy leggings Pinterest irony kale chips aesthetic. Actually pork belly yr, photo booth fap craft beer kale chips locavore fashion axe. Readymade Kickstarter Shoreditch, craft beer Neutra fixie Marfa direct trade hashtag keffiyeh master cleanse Portland. Sustainable butcher fashion axe bitters.

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Tessa Jones - Mar 05, 2015 at 04:29AM UTC


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